Is my sculpture cracked?

 A crack would be very rough when you run a hand over it.

If you have mixed and cured your sculpture according to our guidelines then it is more than likely simply crazing. See example pictures below.

On the subject of crazing, this is perfectly natural and only affects the top 1 mm of the surface (the crazing will probably only be 1/4ml deep). Crazing is a cosmetic occurrence and is harmless. It does not affect either the strength or weather resistance of the sculpture. It happens when too much water evaporates too quickly from the surface during cure and the microscopic top layer shrinks faster than what's beneath it. A slightly cooler room, not too much water flooded onto the surface, and keeping the Pal Tiya Premium dough-like  will help diminish it. But it can sometimes occur, even with the most perfect conditions. It is part of the nature of the material and completely harmless.
We do recommend drying it out completely, and as long as it is past 28 days of curing, you can seal it and these crazes should not show through.