How safe is it?

Pal Tiya Premium is our preferred alternative to traditional sculpting materials commonly used in professional settings such as the film industry. Unlike hazardous alternatives like: Polyurethane Isocyanates, Epoxy-Putty catalysts, Polyester Resin promoter, Methylethylketone-peroxide catalyst,Methyl Methacrylate plastic glues, Mercury-based accelerators, Organotin-based Silicone catalysts, Stannous-Octoate Silicone accelerators, and Cyanoacrylate-Glue. Also, Pal Tiya Premium contains no volatile off-gassing components or fiberglass.

Its Portland cement base, coupled with proprietary modifiers and additives, ensures both strength and sculptural qualities without compromising on safety. Additionally, it requires less hazardous gear during handling and eliminates the need for kilns or foundries, while resulting in lighter finished pieces for reduced shipping emissions. All you need is a pair of gloves while mixing and sculpting and a dust mask when mixing.

To give Pal Tiya Premium its cure profile, strength and amazing sculpting properties we do include some plastics in our production, the trial packs and standard bags both contain plastic to keep the product moisture free and good for use as long as possible.

When you get your Pal Tiya Premium you can decant it onto a plastic air tight container. This can keep your product in good condition for 12 months or more. Just keep the dry material away from any moisture or you will start the cure process accidentally.

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