Why is it so strong & good for outdoor sculptures?

When fully cured, Pal Tiya Premium has been especially 'designed' to absorb impacts. 

In technical terms, the surface zone surrounding the initial point of impact a fall or 'accident' will tend to 'bend' rather than shatter or break. Now, it doesn't bend much. It behaves more like a foot square of 3/4 inch plywood. There is enough give in that to be strong, but you can barely see it move. Pal Tiya Premium is the same. The strength and tenacity of its particularly advanced microfibers interact with its very specific formulation to replace the need for armatures when fully cured.

Why is it great for outdoor sculptures?

Here are the reasons why we love using Pal Tiya Premium 

  1. No kilns needed.
  2. Easy to use, especially for beginners.
  3. Pal Tiya Premium is directly sculpted. No molds necessary.
  4. Extremely weatherproof, designed for both indoors and outdoors.
  5. Allows rich surface detail.
  6. Achieves dynamic and delicate shapes.
  7. Economical for professionals.
  8. Makes steel/chicken-wire armatures unnecessary.
  9. You can build remarkably large and strong sculptures.
  10. Your piece can be altered or added to months later.
  11. No fancy equipment or chemicals, and all the space they require.

 So, for us, it also came down to a simple question: "Can I make something at home, then keep it outside?". 


Here is a graphic comparison, especially for you Artists. Crafters and Prop-Makers out there.

Sculpt, mold, jacket, cast, etc...