What is Pal Tiya Premium?

Pal Tiya Premium is an "all-weather sculpting material" that cures to stone-hard without firing.

It comes as a hand-mixable powder, is very easy to use, fiber-reinforced, and very strong. It feels almost as silky as fine clay while you're working with it. 

Pal Tiya Premium is a single part dry material, that you must add water to make it into a clay.

The shrinkage is less than one-thousandth or 0.087%. Essentially microscopic.

Origin of the Name if curious...

Pronounced "Pal - Tie - Ah",  Pal Tiya is the name of an American Indian ancestor of Kim's from the 1730's. Originally spelled 'Paltiah' in the census records, she fell in love with such a beautiful name. We named the organization 'Pal Tiya' and our flagship product 'Pal Tiya Premium'.