Can Pal Tiya Premium Be Painted?

You mean, you're not content with Pal Tiya Premium's natural 'stone' color? (sigh). 

There are many ways you can paint your Pal Tiya Premium Sculptures. SEE OUR FULL PAINTING PAGE HERE


Many folks also use a "watered-down" acrylic exterior grade house paint. 

As our product is amazingly impervious to water, paints need 'a little help' to stick to the surface longer outdoors. 

'Lightly' pre-dampen your piece with a little water before applying acrylic paints. Quite a lot of them are useful for concrete products as well. If you're really keen, we recommend you buy a pot each of white, black, blue, yellow, red and a mid-tone green.

Almost any color can be mixed from these. You may even want to 'experiment' with other types of paints and coatings. We like to 'age' our sculptures by building up washes of a very diluted Sepia color, then 'sponging-away' the flatter areas (don't forget to squint a lot while doing this bit). 


You can also use acrylic concrete stains!


We recently discovered that Pigment based India inks are very good colorants for Pal Tiya Premium. They can be used either diluted or full strength and come in bright intense colors. They can be layered for different hues and tones. Apply on dry PTP after the 28 day cure. Pigment based India Inks have more long lasting color than printers inks or dyes. 

We cannot guarantee every single ink out there. This is a recent discovery so we are not sure how light fastness and fading in extremely harsh sunlight will affect the inks over time. However, using a sealant such as Modern Masters Masterclear supreme in matte finish, (a specialized outdoor polyurethane) post 28 day cure may help to seal in the color and protect as it has added UV Blockers and Absorbers that greatly reduce the sun’s graying and fading effects on stained wood and painted surfaces. 

here is a video about india inks for you.