Can I Add A Coloring Agent?

That depends on the chemical nature of the "coloring agent" or "colored liquid" to be added.

We recommend "Iron-based colored oxides" -mostly because these don't interfere with the crystallization curing process too much. (Except for "Prussian Blue", where its extra Nitrogen & Carbon 'Cyano bonds' do interfere a little).

The maximum we recommend is 5 percent (by weight) - any more will weaken your works.

Remember, the effects of any 'embedded color' on a finished piece only rely on the light absorption/diffusion/

Hence, a LOT of 'embedded color' only makes a small surface difference.

Acrylic-based/suspended colors 'will' interfere with Pal Tiya Premium's cured mechanical properties. Specifically reducing its 'impact strength'.

We are forever trying different techniques with our product, in fact we mixed oxides in and created a scagliola effect which you can see here