How Long Did Brienne Take To Make and how much product?

Brienne the Dragon AKA Kim's Dragon AKA The Renton Dragon.

The initial 1/4 inch structure coat took 2 1/2 days all together. We only had a small 6 litre mixer to run the batches through. 18 Large bags of Pal Tiya Premium were used in the making of Brienne (her wings are solid product).

The texture coat was done on and off over several weeks based on the schedules of the volunteers. One of the many joys of working with this method and material is the ability to stop and resume as needed.

A good rule of thumb is that an area two hand spans in size takes two hours to complete to a final finish in a heavy complex texture. Smooth areas are a *lot* faster.

Brienne’s Dimensions:
Height 6' 8.5” (2.043 m)
Depth ~4' 2.75” (1.29m)
Nose extends 4-5 inches past board at the front of the base
Width 47.75
Weight 0.5 ton