How Thick Should I Sculpt?

Pal Tiya Premium is most effective as a strong hollow shell. This saves both time, effort and money. Build a supporting core first (Foil, foam, wire, etc). Over this, apply your coat of Pal Tiya Premium and begin sculpting.

The final total thickness of a Pal Tiya Premium sculpture is dependent on its size.

Final total thickness for:

  • Really small sculptures such as the owl in our video that will likely be completed in one day - 1/8 inch (approx 3mm)
  • Small sculptures less than 12 inches tall (approx 30cm) - 3/16 inch (approx 5mm) 
  • Medium sculptures - between 1-3 ft tall - 1/2 inch (approx 12mm)  - This includes a 1/4 inch (approx 6mm) scratch/furrow coat which is required for sculptures of this size - Watch this Video
  • Larger sculptures - over 3ft  - 3/4 inch (approx 19mm)This includes a 1/2 inch (approx 12 mm) scratch/furrow coat which is required for sculptures of this size- Watch this video

We also have more info on this here

And of course please check the info out in our Technical Data Sheet