What Is The Best Armature To Use?

We have found that Aluminium Foil is hands-down the best armature, or 'core' for nearly any sized creation. 

This purely serves to support your creation until it 'self-strengthens' enough to fully support itself. 

Foil can be sculpted with genuine grace and sophistication using simply hot glue as a binder. By crumpling tinfoil lightly, nearly any shape can be achieved. By compressing the surface, it becomes remarkably strong and even temporarily weight-bearing. 

Complex forms can be also be made with combinations of cardboard, tape, plywood, chicken wire, steel, etc, and then covered with tinfoil for the final shaping. This allows you to use a minimum 'shell' of Pal Tiya Premium to cover and finish your creation for the outdoors. Remember, that this 'armature' needs only be strong and stable enough to support all of your mix as you sculpt it. 

We have a comprehensive video on Armatures for all sculptures, including overhead/height bigger pieces here

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