Why Is A Foil Armature Superior To Paper Mâché?

Using foil as a core/armature is good because it's stiff and immediately self-supporting. It's a rich and subtle sculpting material in its own right. Foil can get the delicate complex forms of the human figure with no extra effort. Paper mâché has to be formed over simpler shapes like balloons and paper balls. Foil glued with hot glue is fast. It's possible to do a complete a large core/armature in a few hours. Paper mâché has to dry for long periods. Good news, paper mâché can be used over foil to get a nice indoor sculpture. 

For making outdoor sculptures, paper mâché sags under weight, especially after it gets wet. Pal Tiya Premium is both wet and heavy, and the paper drags the moisture out of the sculpting material making it too dry. The crinkly texture of foil also allows grip to the sculpting material in upside down areas.