How Do You Properly Cure Pal Tiya Premium?

A proper cure takes several days in the presence of moisture. 


On the first day, after you are finished sculpting, wrap your sculpture tightly in plastic (shopping bags are perfect for this) so the water in it doesn't evaporate. DO NOT place wet towels over your sculpture for the first day!!


The second day it will be the consistency of a soft wood and you may continue to sculpt or carve on your work. When wrapping it up on the second day, place wet towels on it and then recover with plastic. 


On the third day, it is the consistency of hard wood and can still be worked as such. Wrap again with wet towels and plastic. 


On the 4th day it feels like stone and may still be 'just' carve-able. 

For the very best, strongest, hardest cure, keep the wet towels and plastic on for 28 days. 

80% of your ultimate strength will come in the first 5 days, but if you are making outdoor statuary and want the best possible longevity? Go the whole month!


If on day 1 you know you have finished your sculpture then wrap just in plastic and the next day (day 2) you can simply submerge fully in cold water. Leave it there for 5 -28 days and it will be fully cured and ready to be painted/go outdoors.

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