Is Pal Tiya Premium Waterproof?

Pal Tiya Premium is specially designed for making beautiful permanent outdoor pieces of art, sculpture and craft. Some of our creatively minded customers have been plotting the inclusion of water as a feature in their fully realized and operational grand plans.

Pal Tiya Premium is designed to be used for decorative applications; however it is not a full barrier sealed material. Water will still slowly migrate through it over a long time and therefore, whatever is under such a roof will get moisture. Miniature castle turrets, dragons and gnomes are a perfect application, however, roofing your home is not recommended... 

While highly resistant to water Pal Tiya Premium is not completely waterproof it does work very well with water with some planning and know-how. Once fully cured, like many types of stone and cement, Pal Tiya Premium will fully saturate over time - this does not affect the strength or longevity of the sculpture. If you intend to use Pal Tiya Premium in a water feature situation we recommend using a water barrier such as a vinyl or plastic sheeting.