Do You Have Any Tips For Making A Bird Bath?

Why yes!

When building your tinfoil core, make sure there is a stiff spine of cardboard or wood in the structure and that this is firmly secured onto a flat base to avoid tipping. This will also keep the tall narrow shape from shifting or sagging. 

Tightly pack the tinfoil into the desired shape, making sure not to have any loose areas. This is important on such a vertical surface.  

Always begin applying Pal Tiya Premium from the bottom upwards; otherwise it will become top heavy too quickly. 

It is best to make a birdbath in two layers. The initial coat should be done on the first day and be 1/4 inch thick. Cover the entire piece. When this has cured at least a day, the second coat can be applied with all the lovely details. 

There is no need to line the basin with plastic before applying our material as the cured Pal Tiya Premium will hold water once it becomes fully saturated. The material will slowly saturate like any other cement or stone based vessel – if you would rather not having the bowl saturated you could always include a water barrier in the bowl.

It is not necessary to remove the tinfoil or other core materials when the sculpture is done. There is no harm in simply leaving those inside permanently.