What Does “Less-Toxic Than Professional Alternatives” Mean?

Pal Tiya Premium is a professional grade sculpting material.

It carries very explicit safety warning & handling directions. 

Necessity for gloves, particulates & dust inhalation mitigation, when & where to wear what gear, adequate ventilation.. and such.

Professional and commercial artists that work on large permanent outdoor pieces are required to work with such materials as: 

  • Polyurethane Isocyanates, 
  • Epoxy-Putty catalysts, 
  • Polyester Resin promoter, 
  • Methylethylketone-peroxide catalyst,
  • MethylMethacrylate plastic glues, 
  • Mercury-based accelerators, 
  • Organotin-based Silicone catalysts, 
  • Stannous-Octoate Silicone accelerators, 
  • Cyanoacrylate-Glue,
  • Fiberglass, 
  • Miscellaneous Solvents 
  • Bronze Foundries 
  • etc. etc. 

Pal Tiya Premium is significantly less hazardous than these alternatives.